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Tobun a guest speaker at Social Market Foundation Event

Earlier this week, Tobun was invited to speak as part of a select panel at the latest Social Market Foundation event. The event focused on solutions to some of the solutions to improve access to fund diverse businesses across the UK.

The event was part of the launch of report from Social Market Foundation revealed "In 2018 there were around a quarter of a million ethnic minority owned businesses employing nearly three million people across Britain."

Seema Holtra MP, Shadow Minister for Business and Consumers, stated “Global Britain has a great asset and that is the diversity of our population".

Victoria Jonson , Director of Public Affairs, British Business Bank made a valid point, stating how “start-up finance is very important and if you do not have that start-up finance from the very beginning, you may be deterred from starting that business in the first place". It was also interesting and encouraging to hear how 40% of British Business Bank loans go to women entrepreneurs.

Tevin Tobun also made a valid statement suggesting that “the challenge to banks is to understand that not every entrepreneur is a traditional tick box that makes a bank feel comfortable… it’s incumbent on a bank to feel uncomfortable and work together to grow entrepreneurs and businesses”.

The full report can be read here:



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