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GV Group is an award-winning multi-sector company, with focused operations within the Tech, education, social, support services, healthcare, retail and business & industry (B&I) sectors.


GV Group

Tevin founded GV Group in 2001 and has scaled the business to become a leading UK independently owned transport and logistics group, with subsidiaries in food logistics and distribution, pharmaceutical logistics, infrastructure, and technology.

GV Group is a trusted B2B logistics group with over 20 years experience employing over 500 people, delivering over 24 million items valued over £300 million servicing a range of clients including FTSE 100 companies and the largest FMCG companies globally.

 With a key focus on innovation, GV Group has become a trusted and the ‘go to’ business within supply chain and hospitality, with operations in the UK, South America and Africa.



ROUTD Software Technology

Is a new last mile delivery Tech solution, which has been founded and developed by CEO Tevin Tobun which modernises how the critical last mile is serviced. With ROUTD, businesses will have complete transparency through trackable, auditable interface to ensure deliveries arrive safely, efficiently and sustainably at their end destination.

ROUTD uses AI to extract and track business critical data and KPI’s as estimated cost per delivery, carbon emissions, distances travelled and customer feedback. It is set to revolutionise the current status quo within the industry and no doubt revolutionise the B2B logistics sector.



PLATEBOX  provides food transport and logistics solutions for the education and public sectors.

Within the education sector, Platebox delivers over 10 million meals to schools across the UK, ensuring clients meals are delivered on time, at the right temperature, in the best condition, so children can enjoy healthy nutritious lunches and learn.

Our understanding of the complexities of the education, healthcare and social services sectors has made Platebox a trusted partner for organisations, across the UK.

We take this wealth of experience and work hard to make sure we deliver exceptional customer care and a reliable service to all our clients and end users, while our ability to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes in operational demands ensures our clients’ needs are always met.

Through our innovation team, we have invested time and research into the use of special ‘thermoboxes’ that enable us to maintain the quality of the food we deliver and ensure there is no degradation from the time it is cooked to when it’s delivered.

By understanding the importance of delivering food and supplies on time, we are a trusted partner in the education and public sectors, while our regular communications with clients ensures their logistics expectations are always met.



FOODMOVE  is a leading transport and logistics partner for wholesalers, contract caterers, manufacturers and retailers. Providing services for FTSE 100 companies and deliver for some of the largest FMCG companies, annually delivering over 12 million food items across the UK.

With extensive experience in the commercial sector and an established and reliable infrastructure, Foodmove are able to meet the transport needs of clients to achieve their delivery requirements.

This means clients do not have to invest in vehicles or require infrastructure for their logistic requirements, whilst our agile food logistics solutions help them to operate effectively and efficiently.

Foodmove is totally committed to providing the highest quality service to all clients by being flexible and adapting quickly to changes, in both day-to-day and long-term operational demands.

Our services include the transport of sandwiches, ambient, frozen and chilled food, and food related items, ranging from collection, picking, re-packing, delivery, paperwork management and reverse logistics.



REPCO  provides high-level reliable support services and supply solutions for clients in some of the most challenging, remote or complex environments in Europe, South America and Africa.

Our services ensure personnel and infrastructure are in the best shape to deliver on critical operational requirements.

Our clients trust us with their difficult to source requirements in their remotest locations, delivering incident free world class operations. Our reach means we are able to deliver the same level of customer service and efficiency to our clients in the UK and in remote offshore locations across the globe.

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