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About GV Group

GV Group is an award-winning multi-sector company, with focused operations within the education, social, support services, healthcare, retail and business & industry (B&I) sectors.


Tevin founded GV Group in 2001 and has scaled the business to become a leading UK independently owned transport and logistics group, with subsidiaries in food logistics and distribution, pharmaceutical logistics, infrastructure, and technology.


GV Group is a trusted B2B logistics group with over 20 years experience employing over 500 people, delivering over 24 million items valued over £300 million servicing a range of clients including FTSE 100 companies and the largest FMCG companies globally.


With a key focus on innovation, GV Group has become a trusted and the ‘go to’ business within supply chain and hospitality, with operations in the UK, South America and Africa.

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