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Tobun provides a guest lecture to business undergraduate students at Middlesex University

Tobun was invited to be a keynote speaker at Middlesex University, where he spoke to First year business students about his journey in Business and how Business is #MoreThanADegree.

Tobun also spoke about his early years in logistics, how it was a time of passion, challenge, reflection – and celebration - and how our progress as a group (ROUTD Foodmove Platebox Repco Global) excites him.

It was an interactive event for students who had a lot of questions to ask. A Special thanks to Middlesex University (Simon Roberts and Jack Tims) for coordinating the opportunity.

A key phrase Tobun mentioned that resonated with the audience, especially during such precarious times we are living in, is to try to look within and “be relentless in our pursuit of greatness



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