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Tobun interviewed on Sky News by Business Presenter Ian King

On the 28th September I was interviewed by Business Presenter Ian King on Sky News. The interview was centred on the challenges and solutions being faced within the UK last mile food delivery industry since fuel prices reached their highest level for eight years, amid a growing supply crisis.

As a specialist transport and logistics company delivering over 21 million food items across the UK, like the nation, the fuel shortages have created uncertain times. But as a business, we have tried our best to remain resolute, agile and united to continue to find solutions to deliver food items and are so grateful to all our staff, especially our delivery drivers who remain committed.

For instance, one of our delivery drivers for GV Group's subsidiary company Foodmove, finished their shift, spent 4 hours searching for fuel, found a station and queued for 2.5 hours to ensure they could deliver essential food items today; they covered over 200+ miles!

Another delivery driver for GV Group's subsidiary company Platebox drove from Kent to Hounslow to Greenwich to support a client to ensure school students received their lunches! The driver then spent 4 hours searching for fuel so essential school lunch deliveries can be made tomorrow too!

Our delivery drivers are #MoreThan a driver. They help us keep our promise...

Our staff are #MoreThan employees, we are a family...

The interview can be listened to via the Ian King's Business podcast using the following link; the interview can be heard from 2 minutes 38 seconds:

Alternative you can watch the interview below



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