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Tobun a panel speaker at UK Black Business Week 2022

Tobun was invited to be a panellist at the 2022 UK Black Business Week event.

The event was focused on unifying black professionals and entrepreneurs to create space to nurture talent and equip Professionals and Entrepreneurs with business insights, new skills and knowledge to navigate the world of work

On Saturday Tobun was a panellist alongside Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones aka ‘The Black Farmer’, Lisa Carter and Roni Savage. They addressed the attendees on Dream teams - How to attract and retain great people to help businesses grow.

Tobun spoke on how start-ups can make themselves attractive to potential employees without having deep pockets compared to banks or tech giant. He also addressed How investors can help with recruiting and how important it is to have a clear mission or purpose

Many thanks to Richard Tyler Editor, Times Enterprise Network at The Times. Who moderated the event.



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