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Tobun a guest speaker at 'Solutions to the staffing crisis - A Different View' event

On Tuesday 9th November, Tevin was invited to be a guest speaker at the 'Solutions to the staffing crisis - A Different View' event hosted by Arena the hospitality networking association.

Alongside Tevin, Ronan Harte, CEO of the hospitality food service provider Baxter Storey and Simon Boyle, Founder of food employment charity, Beyond Food Foundation were also speakers.

In response to the some of the solutions to the issues of the #staffingcrisis, Tevin mentioned the importance of "Truly empowering people (staff)… and when you do promote them, allow them to make mistakes, because if you don't make mistakes how do you learn?".

Tevin went on to mention how he entered an industry where he had no previous experience in, stating "everything I learned, I learned from my mistakes".

Simon Boyle shared his views on the future of the hospitality industry. “I’ve always believed in the hospitality sector. We have to push forward to make sure it’s a better place to work. This includes helping with mental health, well-being and wider meaning of life."

The event provided incredible food, great networking opportunities and insightful knowledge into the #future prospects of the hospitality and food industry.



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